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Larkin Inc is an import-export wholesale distributor serving the North American region since 1977. We are dedicated to providing quality products to better lives of today and of future generations, and developed a keen eye for innovative, essential health and beauty products. We are proud of maintaining a small business where our mission is upon quality assurance of all our products and services while maintaining honest pricing.

We hold distributorship rights to many products shown on our website so clients can rest assure that products we carry are authentic, comply with FDA safety standards and met our strict quality standard. Our product line continues to grow in order to cater to all customers, so the items we carry are not limited to the ones shown on our website.

Whether you are a wholesaler, retailer or a client, we strive to provide quality products at competitive pricing and our attentive service ensuring that your needs are met.


One of the most asked questions we get is "How do you keep your prices so low?" Simply put, our emphasis is on the product. Our advertising budget is substantially lower than the industry average. It is not surprising that products like ours are marked upwards of six, ten, twenty or more times its value in order to support advertisements of all sorts, costly endorsements, search engine ads, and more. While these methods may be effective, we can't help but digress. In the end, more than half of the price tag a consumer pays is for advertising. It is with this mindset that we are determined to make better quality products and place more value into what matters, the product itself. Most importantly, we eliminate frivolous expenses and pass these savings on to you!

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Notice Regarding Counterfeit Products

Larkin Inc warns distributors, retailers and clients about counterfeit and potentially harmful version of San Ing and Ly-Na products that have been found to be distributed and sold in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Counterfeit products and products not sold by Larkin Inc do not meet quality standards of the authentic formula and safety standards of the U.S. FDA. Thus, these counterfeit products may cause harmful and permanent effects to skin of its users. 

The counterfeit San Ing and Ly-Na looks similar to the authentic product, with a few notable differences. Since Ly-Na Pearl Cream in Pink and Ly-Na Nourish Cream in Green Counterfeit products are cosmetic products, any product suggesting that the products has medical uses, is "medicated", and is a "medicated pearl paste" are counterfeit.

Consumers who believe they have received counterfeit products are asked to contact us by email at info@larkin-us.com. Consumers are encouraged to report adverse events and to discontinue use of these counterfeit products.

Distributors and retailers are advised to cease sales of counterfeit products. Where appropriate, we will take action to prevent the sale of counterfeit products and stop the misuse of our brands. If a seller repeatedly sells counterfeits we will take legal actions against the seller. Under federal law 18 U.S. Code § 2320, a seller who knowingly sells counterfeit products may face imprisonment up to 10 years, fines of up to $15 million, seizure and destruction of the counterfeit products and the trademark owner may recover damages, lost profits, attorneys' fees and injuctive relief.

For your safety, the best way to avoid the purchase of a counterfeit product is to buy at a Larkin authorized retailer or from Larkin directly.