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New Products - Tso Hin Kee (THK) of Hong Kong

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This month, there is a lot of excitement at our office as we launch Tso Hin Kee (THK) condiments in the US. The trademark "Penguin" brand and its oyster sauce is well known and well loved in Asia, especially for every Hong Kong native. 

Even growing up in the US, oyster sauce and chili sauce is a staple in every cabinet and refrigerator. So, I couldn't resist taking these new condiments for a taste test myself. Here are my notes (some tastings were compared to other brands I had):

Oyster Sauce- distinctive oyster taste, noticeably less salty than other name brand oyster sauce, fresh savory "sea" flavor and doesn't have bitter aftertaste.

  • Complements vegetables as a stir fry or dipping sauce, egg or rice noodles,

Soy Chili Sauce (Guilin)- good amount of heat; a full body savory mixture of wild chili and black soy (dice) beans

  • Complements seafood stir fry dish, noodles and anything for a little bit of heat.

Sweetened Black Vinegar- appetizing sweet and sour vinegar infused with ginger, orange peel, clove and cinnamon.

  • Most notably used to braise with pork knuckles and eggs

Chili Sauce- tangy, spicy chili with garlic in a smooth sauce

  • Perfect as a condiment and for for braises and stir-fries

THK Product Pagehttp://www.larkin-us.com/tso-hin-kee/